Grade 8 Timetable Overview


2 comments on “Grade 8 Timetable Overview
  1. Barrie Walsh says:

    Hi Rob,

    Nice to see again. Is that your son you took to the Lego Movie? He looks like a clone.
    I am retired from teaching but volunteer at a school 3 times a week. Where is your school?

    My best,

    Barrie Walsh

    • Rob Killawee says:

      Hi Barrie,
      Good to hear from you again! It is my son, and he loved the film (I did too).
      I’m at Johnston Heights (@johnstonheights) in Surrey, BC. Year 5 as VP.
      Is the eagle photo on your twitter profile yours? It’s a great image.



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Visual Thinking
“Baby you can drive my car...” -  but not this one, because it is parked in the lobby of the Royal BC Museum in Victoria! John Lennon’s original Rolls Royce, acquired in by the BC Museum in 1987, was on display when we went to visit last year. This Red Dragon, sculpted by designer Ping Tsing, climbs and twists, grasping its pearl.  In Victoria at Pandora and Government.

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