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Something old, something new…

Artwork – Music Castle by Colin Thompson In looking at current thinking in education, we often focus on only new ideas. But great learning designs are not always the newest ones. When we talk about 21st Century Learning we are

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Learning Empowered by Technology

A glance at the student’s desk tells it all: scissors, ruler, paper, textbook, iPod. All the basic learning tools. The students come into class and take their seats, the iPod untouched until the teacher gives direction. Several years ago, Joe

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21st Century Learning

“The function of schooling is not to enable students to do better in school. The function of schooling is to enable students to do better in life. What students learn in school ought to exceed in relevance the limits of

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Room for risk taking?

Four big screens dominate the front of the room, and it’s a large room, packed with round tables surrounded by intense conversation. The screens hold images from the presentation by David Warlick ( on the middle screens, and the side


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Konnichi-wa Johnston Heights!

The song was written in Scotland years ago.  The twenty five singers stand on a stage in the cafeteria of an inner city school on the west coast of Canada.  Their ancestry is mostly Chinese and Filipino, though most were

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