Technology Resources

This is where you will find the information that I have posted on “how to” use technology as an educator, including social networking, apps, software and hardware.

Twitter is a great resource if you get on to the right chats and follow the right people.  Use this post to get you started.  Some people avoid twitter because of some of the banal or inappropriate stuff, but you have to think of twitter like walking down the street.  You can hear people in conversations that are deep and philosophical, and you can hear people in conversations that are ridiculous or rude.  Tune in to what you want to hear.

That said, there are some steps you can take to stay safe on twitter (or on any other social media).  Look at Twitter Hygiene for more info.

iPads are a big topic of conversation in the district, and a couple of apps that are very useful are iBooks and Evernote.  Check out the seminar info here for more.

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